Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Online Calibration Training Tool Released from ESE!

ESE is excited to announce the release of an Online Calibration Training Tool to be used in conjunction with ESE's Calibration Video Library. These tools can be used for professional development in a variety of ways. They include:
  • focused calibration for evaluators on high-priority elements of practice;
  • cross-role calibration to develop a shared understanding of practice across educators; and/or
  • join district/ed prep calibration to define common expectations of practice.

Using this tool, participants are able to watch a video of classroom instruction from ESE's Calibration Video Library, individually assess the educator's practice related to specific elements from the Model Classroom Teacher Rubric, and provide the educator with written feedback using an online form. Through real-time data displays, participants then come together to compare their finds. The goal of this calibration training tool is to help leaders promote a shared understanding of effective practice and actionable feedback.

To access the tool and video library, click here.

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