Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ELA What to Look For Documents are Available!

The ELA Kindergarten-Grade 8 'What To Look For' documents are finally live! Click here to check them out.  I prefer and recommend the PDF versions, which are more user friendly.  In addition to the ELA documents, ESE has published science and math guides (grades 1-8).

The "What to Look For" documents were created to provide additional support to help district and school staff identify what should be observed in particular content-area classrooms, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE), in partnership with educators in the field, has developed a suite of straightforward observation guides for grades 1–8.

They describe what observers should expect to see in a classroom at a particular grade level in a specific subject area. This includes the knowledge and skills students should be learning and using (as reflected in state learning standards) on the front of the page and best practices related to classroom curriculum, instruction, and assessment for each subject area on the back of the page.

The observation guides are particularly useful to observers who may not have the subject matter experience to know what to look for in classrooms outside of their personal background. The "What to Look For" guides are not designed to replace any evaluation system or tools districts currently use, but are a resource to help classroom observers efficiently identify what teachers and students should be experiencing in specific subjects and grade levels.

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