Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fluency Resources

PARCC has recently developed and released assessments for reading fluency in grades 2-8. "The purpose of the reading fluency assessments is to provide educators with instructionally useful information related to how students demonstrate strengths and needs with reading fluency. These assessments have been designed to maximize instructional time and minimize testing time." The resource includes both literary and informational texts (comparable in both length 250 words per passage and complexity).

The resources include teacher administration guides, student fluency recording sheets, class fluency spreadsheet, expression rubric,  and the informational and literary passages for grades 2-8. As I mentioned last week, these resources are currently available free of charge, however PEARSON will begin charging for these in the not so distant future.

To access these materials click here.  The first time login code is MA1788, after initially logging in you will be prompted to create your own password).

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