Thursday, May 21, 2015

PARCC Shortens Test Time for 2015 - 2016 School Year

Today I received a notification that PARCC states have voted to consolidate the two PARCC testing windows to one, ultimately reducing the test taking time by 90 minutes. The change they hope will simplify test administration for schools, teachers and students.

Here are the logistics:
  • Reduce the testing time for students by about 90 minutes overall (60 minutes in mathematics; 30 minutes in ELA) and create more uniformity of test unit times
  • Consolidate the two testing windows in mathematics and ELA (which includes reading and writing) into one.
    • One single testing window will simplify administration of the test for states and schools
    • The testing window will be up to 30 days and will extend from roughly the 75% mark to the 90% mark of the school year.
      • Most schools will complete the testing within one to two weeks during this window.
  • Reduce the number of test units for all students by two of three units
For more information on this announcement, click here.