Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Early Literacy Learning Opportunity

 Have you heard about the Focus on K2 curriculum currently showing positive results in the Boston Public School kindergarten classrooms? Its innovative philosophy of aligning the expectations within the Curriculum Frameworks through daily practices of curriculum integration, purposeful engagement, and authentic student empowerment throughout all learning opportunities is causing excitement among many educators.    If you are curious about what is happening in the field of early literacy, you should consider attending a free conference for kindergarten and first grade educators on May 15th. This conference is an opportunity to learn about Boston Public Schools approach to fostering early literacy in the kindergarten classroom. The Focus on K2 curriculum features learning environments designed for students to explore, research and communicate ideas and questions within carefully crafted units of study. Participants of the conference will learn more about the curriculum, framework, see examples and videos from the classroom. To learn more about the conference or to register visit the registration site.  

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