Thursday, March 12, 2015

Writing Across the Curriculum

"Writing is a complex process. To learn how to do it well takes skill, practice and courage. Determining which skills to teach young writers and when to teach them is a challenge”

I think Ruth Culham's quote speaks to the current challenges facing many educators today. With the implementation of the 2011 ELA Frameworks and with PARCC just around the corner educators have been speaking about ways to address the increased demands of routine writing and writing across curriculum. This week I wanted to highlight some resources recently discussed at the Urban Literacy Leaders meeting which could be brought back to your districts and schools.

At the Urban Literacy Meeting, urban leaders spent time reviewing a student prompt and different research based rubrics. Rubrics are a wonderful teaching and assessment tool to help teachers evaluate their student work. In addition, they offer a professional conversation piece for educators to review student work discuss implications for instruction. PARCC has released draft rubrics for analytic and narrative writing. To view the 3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade and 6th-11th grade rubrics, click on the grade level you would like to see. Additionally, the Delaware Department of Education has developed an extensive compilation of rubrics available on their website. Teachers can go in and access a rubric by grade level and type of writing. To access this database click here.

Finally, I want to remind teachers of the website This website houses writing prompts aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Additionally, allows teachers access to samples of student writing with teacher annotations to reference and inform their own instruction and assessment in the classroom.

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