Monday, March 16, 2015

Bringing Technology Into the Classroom

Last week I attended the MRA Board Meeting. I always look forward to sitting in a room filled with passion and expertise of literacy development and education from across the state. That evening, I learned about two new aps to be used by students, which I wanted to share.

 The first app, Socrative Student, allows teachers to interact, engage and asses their students with different activities using tablets, laptops and smartphones. Teachers can log into their account and create questions based on classroom content - anything from multiple choice, true/false or short answer questions. Once they have developed their educational activity, students can log in and interact with the activity created. As they are working, instant aggregation of data is compiled and accessible for teachers to access in a variety of ways. To create your free account, learn more information and watch a video tutorial of this app, click here.

Lori DiGisi introduced the MRA Board to the second  app, Aurasma. This app is currently featured on the ILA (formally IRA) webpage. Aurasma is a reality platform that allows its users to snap a picture of a book, or object and can then add a video of themselves speaking about the object. Lori shared that this app offers an interactive way for students to record "book talks". To find learn how to navigate this app, click here.

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