Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A New Way to Share

Research has shown the importance of bringing closure to a lesson. In Reading and Writing Workshop the common practice is the "sharing" portion at the end of the lesson. During this time, students speak about what they did during their independent work time, either in small group, with a peer or the whole group. The share provides students the opportunity to learn from one another, problem solve and articulate their thinking.

Recently, I was able to attend Boston Public School's K2 Focus Curriculum training. They take the idea of the sharing time, and shift it in a creative and effective way, which makes learning, problem  and revision a whole group process, packaged into what they refer to as Thinking and Feedback.   BPS describes Thinking and Feedback as a "time for children to learn from and with one another, discussing and reflecting on the activities just explored in Centers. The conversations during this time help build a supportive, intellectually engaged and dynamic classroom community." Even though this curriculum is geared toward a kindergarten classroom, the protocol could be used in classrooms of students of all ages.

Here is a quick description of the process:

During independent working time as the teacher is conferring and working around the room they should be on the lookout for students who have discovered something that might be inspiring to others, a struggle a student is working on who would benefit from feedback of the group, a piece of exemplar work to highlight curriculum, a discovery or invented process that could benefit other students in completing their work. When the group is assembled back as a group, one student or group of students will present their work using the following protocol:

o   Looking : The whole group looks at the work together.

o   Noticing: Students identify what they notice about the work.
                         "I notice...."  "I see..."

o   Listening: Student(s) describe their problem, their work and or their thinking.

o    Wondering: Students ask questions of the presenting student.
                         "How did you…."  "I wonder why…."

o   Suggesting and Inspiration: Students give presenting students ideas or think about how they can be inspired by presenting students work.

o   Summary: The teacher sums up the ideas and provides closure for the day's lesson

This Feedback and Thinking protocol could be implemented across content curriculum at certain times throughout the year.  To explore the BPS F2 curriculum further, click here.

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