Monday, February 2, 2015

Need Classroom Resources?!

Last week I sat with a literacy specialist who was worried about providing her teachers with the resources needed for an upcoming author study. Together we created a Donor's Choose Project and within a week, her wish list was fully funded by donor's. If you are not familiar with Donor's Choose, it is a wonderful site built for teachers to post projects that outline resources that would be used in the classroom. Teachers can post projects that request resources such as books, classroom technology, field trips, and speakers, to just name a few!

To sign up is easy, all you have to do is create a free account on Once you have your account, you can create a new project. Your project will outline a little bit about the classroom and student population, shop for the resources you desire, describe the project and how it will impact the students in your classroom. It is easy, and it works! I personally, have had three projects funded, and know countless others who rely on this resource to build classroom libraries and student sets of books.

Or if you are feeling philanthropic, you could look on this site and fund other projects that are posted! So, check it out. It is a great site, which respects and helps teachers from around the country.

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