Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reading, Technology and PARCC

Whether or not your school district is taking PARCC this year, we know that our state assessment will undergo a makeover. In order to prepare for the next generation of assessments, this week's blog will be highlight two resources that offer content and integration of the ELA Frameworks (Common Core) integrated with technology, as well as a recently released document from PARCC. 
In case you were not aware, PARCC has released  K-2 and 3-11 Content Model Frameworks in both ELA and Mathematics. These frameworks (aligned to the Common Core State Standards) were developed to help educators pace and clarify areas of emphasis in each grade. Additionally, the recently released K-2 frameworks serve as a guide for educators as they develop formative tasks to help inform instruction and provide data as to how their students are doing in mastering the standards.

As districts shift to PARCC, educators will be requiring students to read, annotate and analyze online. In order to provide students opportunities to feel comfortable there are two resources I would like to spotlight.

StudySync is a grades 4 - 12 service with an extensive library of classic and contemporary literature as well as hundreds of poetry, short story, speeches and nonfiction contemporary texts. The product provides an annotation and highlighting tool allowing students to access texts and media clip online. This is a purchasable resource that offers a 60 day trial for educators.
Diigo is another online resource which allows you to access a wide array of informational and fiction texts. Similar to StudySync, Diigo allows students to highlight, annotate and use sticky notes when accessing a text. All texts are saved on the cloud, allowing students to save their work and access it from home, or at school. Additionally, students can send their notes and thinking to others- a nice feature for small group and even as a check-in for teachers. Diigo has multiple levels of subscription. The basic allows access to parts of the digital library. As in any resource, the more you pay, the more you get.

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