Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teacher Learning Opportunities

So much of our time throughout the school year is spent preparing material and content for our students that we often put off our own innate desire to grow as learners. Summer offers the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a learning experience where you get to be the student. There are many opportunities that exist online for professional and personal growth. Kate Messner, author of the Marty McGuire series offers “TeachersWrite” a virtual writing camp where educators from around the country are able to participate and collaborate with over two dozen mentor authors. This camp provides teachers a weekly mini-lesson, time to “try-out” their own writing and also communicate with the authors asking them questions directly.  

Additionally, the website www.edx.org offers free courses online, where educators can audit or participate and earn a Certificate of Achievement. Each of the online courses has a video with a brief overview of the material and content being offered through this site. This week HarvardX is offering a “Leaders in Learning” course. Peruse through the literature and education tabs for additional upcoming learning opportunities. 

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