Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Curriculum and Instruction Resources Now Available!

Curriculum and Instruction Resources Now Available!

Have you heard about the Race to the Top Model Curriculum Units? For those of you who have not yet investigated these units and for those of you who have, there are a key points we would like you to know about the project.

·         The units highlight the key shifts in the MA Curriculum Frameworks for English Language Arts and Mathematics that incorporate the Common Core State Standards. The History and Social Science (HSS) and Science and Technology/Engineering (STE) units are aligned to their corresponding standards.

·         The units can be used as exemplars or starting points for your own district curriculum unit development.

·         The Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessments in the units can be used as one measure of student growth in the Educator Evaluation system.

·         There are four public Model Curriculum Units that you can use right now, one unit in each of the following content areas:  ELA, Math, HSS, and STE. These four units are available to all districts and can be found at: http://www.doe.mass.edu/candi/model/.

We invite you to review the units and ask that you consider coordinating your teachers’ using them in their curriculum, where appropriate. We’d love your feedback on these units as we prepare them for publication. Feedback from teachers that have taught the units can be sent to us through the following survey link: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1051605/Model-Curriculum-Units-Try-Out.

Please share this message to your curriculum coordinators and principals. If you have questions about these units or the Model Curriculum Project, please contact modelcurr@doe.mass.edu. 

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