Monday, October 22, 2012

Post for the week of October 22, 2012

Post for the week of October 22, 2012

Now that all the data is out from the spring 2012 administration of MCAS, it's time to analyze the results.  While I think it's possible to over-read the MCAS results (because it's just one to three days over the course of a whole school year, for which you probably have many other formative and summative assessments), it's still very useful to discuss questions students excelled at or missed or left blank.

I'm finding that it's easier than ever to find the data I need.  Under "school/district profiles," there's a lot of free and detailed information to read for each school.

Now, you don't need an EDW (Educator Data Warehouse) login to see much of the information a school would need to look at their students' performance and work on improvement.

For example, I've put together a sheet that's helping me to take apart every MCAS exam, question by question.  I find that when I have all the info on one sheet, it's saves me the time and frustration of moving from document to document and looking up codes.

On the sheet, I have

Exam (for example, 4th grade ELA)
Question (cut and pasted out)
Standard the question addresses (under the "assessment" tab, link in the left hand column, "item by item")
Where the standard is in the green book (in case you want to go back to it)
The state's percentage correct
The school's percentage correct
The difference (+ means better than the average, whereas - means below the average)
And the percent of students who left this question blank

Using this outline, I can get a good sense of student performance on every single question.

If you'd like this document, a one-page Word file, drop me an email at

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