Monday, August 20, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: PARCC's Drafted Testing Items Online Today

BREAKING NEWS: PARCC's Drafted Testing Items Online Today

PARCC released sample testing items online today for public comment!  There are questions, notes, and rubrics.  Check it out! 

There's also a place to sign up for email updates so you can stay on top of this news!


  1. So, I am interested in hearing what you have to say about the questions themselves.
    What is different is the relationship between the questions: "What is the main idea?" followed by "what sentence(s) in the passage supports that answer?"
    The idea of returning to the text for the answer and having to click on it or dragging and dropping the sentence itself may get students more involved in locating the answers rather than just selecting an answer from a list.

    The rubrics are a little clunky right now, I think--so much information in each box...reminiscent of Open Response rubric combined with more information about actual text structure than the Long Comp rubric gives.

    Interesting that the readings will be similar to textbook readings in content area, primary sources in a variety of genre, and the usual literature passages including pairings (very AP Lit, don't you think?).

    These prototypes are well within the grasp of HS students who have similar opportunities to practice.

    I liked the idea of passages worth reading, questions worth answering, too.

    Going off to find the Sexton poem...