Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Post for the week of June 4, 2012 (can't believe it's June!)

Using Visuals and Media to Spark Writing

I saw this story and thought it would make a terrific writing prompt.  As part of the Common Core, students should be able to analyze texts and make conclusions about the author's argument, but no one said all the texts have to be words! 

If students examined this set of photographs, I wonder what they would say about the author's purpose.

I used to use baby cards as a writing prompt: what do these greeting cards assert to their audience (new parents) about the new baby?  Try using images and SOAPSTone to analyze visuals for media and write about the experience.  We know that visual learners find these activities engaging, and they can pay off too!

Summer Reading for YOU!

This Web site lists a bunch of book recommendation Web sites.  The summer reading lists are set for the students; now let's focus on what WE want to read!  I am going to tackle Sharon Taberski's Comprehension from the Ground Up, Kelly Gallagher's Write Like This, and Jeff Wilhelm's You Gotta BE the Book.  I also have to finish The Hunger Games trilogy.  What a great summer!

Let me know what you're reading or any interesting teaching or fun text I should read!

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