Thursday, June 28, 2012

Post for the week of June 25, 2012

Three Ways to Read the Standards (Part II)
The summer is a great time to study the new Common Core standards. I would suggest that we study them three ways:

1. Follow a standard
2. Read the whole thing
3. Compile a list by grade level

Another way to read the standards is to read the whole thing.  I know that doesn't sound very fun (c'mon, it's perfect for the beach!), but there's a lot more to the Common Core than just your own grade's standards.

For example, there's an introduction that explains why there are unique MA standards, some commentary on their construction, and some "Key Design Considerations."  There are also writing on what is NOT covered by the standards and some guiding principles.  Lastly, the introduction documents what being "college and career ready" means and an explanation of how the book is organized.  At the end of the green book are lists of authors and a useful glossary.  Studying these pages is an excellent idea before you dive into the standards themselves. 

I would also check out Appendices A, B, and C online for other additional info, including the research that went into the standards, sample texts and authors for the new text complexity strands, and student samples.  I have been studying Appendix B a lot recently, and it's an excellent resource: lists of authors and samples of their work PLUS sample performance assessments.  The language used in these assignments will be helpful as you write your own assignments.

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